Live Rosin

Solventless, small batch craft cannabis concentrate made from fresh frozen whole flower.
Where To Buy

Ice Cream Cake Cold Cured Live Rosin

(Limited Collab with @Nikka__T)
Sourced, Pressed and Expertly Cold Cured by Nikka T of Essential Extracts
83.27% THC, 3.75% Terpenes
Cultivated by Northfolk Farms, Calaveras

Kush Mints Cold Cured Live Rosin

770.61% THC, 6.67% Terpenes
Cultivated by PRO Farms in Santa Barbara County

Tropaya Cold Cured Live Rosin

78.86% THC, 5.97% Terpenes
Lifted Organics, Santa Cruz, CA

Papaya Cold Cured Live Rosin

82.65% THC, 6.4% Terpenes
Cultivated by Lifted Organics, Santa Cruz, CA
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