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Intention, Patience, Perseverance

Join Royal Grown Radio on location at our facility in Berkeley, CA with Elise McRoberts, Doc Green’s Chief of Brand & Marketing. Listen as we discuss her path to Doc Green’s, Branding, Solventless products, the connection between the Cannabis and Music industries, the future of Cannabis events, innovations in products & packaging, and more.

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Innovation in 2020 was Driven by Cannabis Consumers

Cannabis & Tech Today has opted to declare the consumers Innovators of the Year, as they are the true driving force behind everything the industry does — and continues to strive for.

Here’s our love letter to the folks who inspire all of us to raise the bar every day and fight for safe access across the country until full legalization is finally a reality.

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Legendary Hashmaker Nikka T Drops New Collab With Doc Green’s

BERKELEY, Calif., – Doc Green’s, the Berkeley, California-based maker of craft solventless cannabis concentrates and infused pre-rolls, has always put the community first. From their rich history as topical makers and proponents of patients’ rights to their endless quest for quality, the team will stop at nothing to deliver the best of the best.

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Elise McRoberts to judge the 2021 Emerald Cup

Forbes – Despite a difficult year for the industry, this year’s Emerald Cup Contest and Awards Show has over 600 entries. In celebration, The Emerald Cup is launching its own TV channel on Social Club TV where viewers can watch some of that judging as it happens — complete with commentary.

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California LEAF Concentrate of the Month – Ice Cream Cake

What is more essential than Cannabis? At the heart of our magazine, this month is the utility knife-like nature of this miracle medicine. Creative Director Daniel Berman, working from Seattle, looked to Massachusetts-based illustrator Mike Curato to bring to life our concept for a Swiss Army amalgamation of tools one might need for their Cannabis world.

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Sweetleaf Collective: Compassionate Plant-Based Healing For The People In 2020

GivingTuesday is a good way to help the Sweetleaf Collective reach their goals. The Sweetleaf Collective brings plant-based medicine directly to the people who need it most, regardless of their ability to pay. That pursuit is beyond honorable.

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Stars Of Cannabis, Stage, And Screen Converge At The Mall For An Updated Twist On An Industry Favorite

The New West Summit, held its 5th annual two day event focused on cannabis, technology, media, science & investment on October 10-11th. This year’s event was held at the Bespoke Event Center in downtown San Francisco.The predominantly industry crowd mingled, networked, and took in the speakers and panelists; this year the unparalleled cast of speakers that New West Summit has become known for included big names from outside the cannabis industry, too.

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For Berkeley Jews, medical cannabis is ethical imperative

If you want to traffic in stereotypes, Elie Green, Ramona Rubin, and Daniel Kosmal — the founders of Doc Green’s, which makes healing cannabis ointments and lotions — look pretty much like what you might imagine when you hear, “Berkeley-based medical marijuana collective.”

That is, of course, until they open their mouths and tell you they’re observant Jews.

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A new company is betting on cannabis therapy to generate revenue

Californians seeking natural pain relief made Doc Green’s a popular product in medical dispensaries and collectives like the famed Harborside Health Center. The cream delivers a healing dose of cannabinoids to your skin’s CB2 receptors with a proprietary blend of lemongrass, shea butter and red palm oil. Doc Green’s was created by a collective of Orthodox Jews, who converted many senior citizens into cannabis activists with their “revolution in pain relief.”

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Oy, There’s The Rub: Orthodox Trio Runs A Berkeley Pot Collective That Sells Cannabis Salve

It’s not an uncommon sight in the East Bay — home of the country’s first cannabis trade school, Oaksterdam University — but an hour later Green is doing something a bit more out of character for the Bay Area: He’s wrapping tefillin and davening mincha, the afternoon prayers.

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