Live Rosin-Infused Junior Cones

The same high quality full flower + 36mg Live Rosin at just half the size of our original cone and minus the fancy box.
The most potent infused solventless preroll at such a low price.
Junior: 0.6 gram flower x 36mg Live Rosin

Ice Cream Cake x Cindy White Live Rosin

32.3% THC
North Fork Farms, Calaveras

Modified Grape x Grape Ape Live Rosin

31.9% THC
Telos Farms, Trinity

187 Cookies x White Buffalo Live Rosin

31.1% THC
Local Motives Farms

Afgooey x Cindy White Live Rosin

29.9% THC
Henry’s Original, Mendocino

Venom OG x Grape Ape Live Rosin

29.3% THC
Local Motives Farms, Calaveras

Grape Venom x Banana Sundae Live Rosin

29.4% THC
Venom OG x Modified Grape

Silverback Gorilla x Silverback Gorilla

29.4% THC
Local Motives Farms, Calaveras

Runtz Flower x Citrus Cookies Live Rosin

27% THC
Humboldt’s Finest, Humboldt

Blackberry Sour Flower x Miss USA Live Rosin

26% THC
Henry’s Original, Mendocino

Lemoncake (CBD rich) x Sour Lemonade Live Rosin

 27% THC, 9% CBD
Moongazer Farms, Mendocino

Motorbreath x Cookie Sundae Live Rosin

24.5% THC
Dancing Dog Ranch, Mendocino