Legacy Brand Doc Green’s re(launches) at The Emerald Cup

January 20, 2020
December 2019 Santa Rosa, CA

Originating from The Emerald Triangle area of Northern California, a region named and famous for outstanding cannabis, The Emerald Cup is the longest-running sun-grown cannabis competition in the world.

It’s become a mecca-like destination where cannabis cultivators, producers, aficionados, and enthusiasts flock to experience the best cannabis of the year, alongside cutting-edge music, art, and educational programming. As a legacy brand that participated in (and won) many High Times Cannabis Cups in the last decade, we feel a special appreciation for events that bring the community together with patients, consumers, and fans.

This was our first Emerald Cup and the event also marked our first sales of the new adult-use (legal cannabis) market- a truly momentous occasion for a small, ol’ Prop 215 company like us.

Our booth was a treehouse lounge- or tree lounge fabricated with help from our master craftsman using reclaimed cedar- which actually came from The Emerald Triangle (Humboldt). Visitors were gifted with eco-friendly t-shirts & hoodies, custom stash bags, dab tools, and other conscious items like stainless steel cups & straws- to help encourage reuse and reduce waste.

With our incredible team of OG’s and expert educators, we shared knowledge on live rosin, solventless concentrates, and the importance of supporting small cultivators and craft producers. The live rosin infused cones were flowin’ while the dab smoke was blowin’ and it was all high vibes and good times. We can’t wait to do it again.

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